The Pulitzer Hotel - Fairhope, Alabama


Kourtney Pulitzer Style
Located next to The Pulitzer Library.
Your Fairhope shopping experience begins on site at The Pulitzer at one of Fairhope’s most exclusive boutiques, Kourtney Pulitzer Style, whose proprietress, Kourtney Pulitzer, is one of the hotels owners.
Visit her blog here.

Then get ready for an exciting and full day (or two!) of luxury shopping and relaxing as you stroll the streets of downtown Fairhope and enjoy all the unforgettable shops therein.

Be sure to visit our top suggestions:
CK Collection
East Bay Clothiers 
Private Gallery
Debra’s Bayside
The Cat’s Meow 
Don’t misunderstand: these suggestions are just a jumping-off place, but the quality of shopping at these fine establishments is likely to keep you occupied for most of your first day! Click on the link below to visit the Fairhope Merchant Association for a complete list of art galleries, dining options and more!

A wonderful location for antiquing. Fairhope has delightful antique shops in almost every block of the city.
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