The Pulitzer Hotel - Fairhope, Alabama

Book Donations

The Pulitzer Library actively seeks contributions to its collection. In the spirit of Joseph Pulitzer, whose efforts soliciting donations from the public secured the Statue of Liberty for the citizens of the United States, The Pulitzer Library’s curators welcome contributions from private collectors in the creation of the nation’s first Pulitzer Library. The mission of the Pulitzer Library is to illuminate the literary history of Fairhope, the history of the Pulitzer Prize and the accomplishments of the Father of Journalism, Joseph Pulitzer, for both visitors and the community. In that interest, if your collection includes a novel, play or non-fiction work authored by a Pulitzer Prize winner or Pulitzer Prize nominee, and you would like to contribute it to the Library’s collection, please use the contact button to tell us about yourself and the book you would like to contribute. Your book will be stamped with the official Pulitzer Library stamp, and you will be acknowledged for your generous contribution both inside the book cover and also on a plaque in the Pulitzer Library honoring contributors.

Joseph Pulitzer and the Statue of Liberty “Who Paid for the Statue of Liberty” by Robert McNamara